Linkology will show you how to make your parking business an active, dynamic part of your company's overall profit metric. We'll put parking to work, making end-users happier, employees more efficient, and profitability more robust.

Powerful Solutions For Any Scenario.

  • On-Street – Linkology, an exclusive sales and service partner for Parkeon, can craft custom solutions for Pay And Display and Pay-By-Space applications.
  • Off-Street – We put the best Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) in the world to work making your lot or garage a profit powerhouse.
  • Events – Wireless connectivity, fully integrated portable handhelds, real-time control and live credit card processing create fully integrated, easy-to-implement event parking systems.
  • Valet – Our systems use weather-hardened Point-of-Sale (POS) stations, tracking the location of each vehicle and paging runners to insure fast, efficient service and optimize productivity.

One Of Our Best Products Is Our Service.

  • Linkology will purchase and inventory repair parts for your facility.
  • Technicians provide in-depth training and support throughout the process.
  • Remote system access to perform diagnostics and updates.
  • Capability to link parking and security for streamlining operations, curtailing loss and maximizing profits.