Service & Project Coordinator Job Description


Linkology Service Department Mission:

Linkology’s Service & Project Coordinator is the voice and face of our organization with clients and therefore must conduct him/herself with the utmost professionalism and thoroughness. Constant communication across all lines is the expectation.

Provide value added service, support and quality care to existing and new clients through Client Support, dispatch, scheduling, Help Desk, technical, and remote support.   Capture revenue by insuring technicians consistently and accurately document hours worked while providing exceptional service to new and existing clients.


Primary Objectives/Responsibilities and Duties:

Oversee and participate in the daily service operations, client support, managing service orders, scheduling service and project work, dispatching, service order follow-up.

- Manage process of converting projects to warranty/service upon project completion. Monitor warranty expirations to insure all appropriate labor and material charges are invoiced.

- Ordering and receiving of parts required for warranty/service work. Prepare and process all RMAs

      - Provide clients with exceptional customer service.

      - Answer Client Support phone calls, support voicemails and support inbox e-mails.

      - Answer and screen incoming solicitation calls.

- Monitor Support inbox, junk mail and spam folder: keep cleaned out and orderly, un-spam any necessary e-mails.

- Respond to all service and warranty related calls/correspondence within 15 minutes of receipt. This includes forwarded voicemails and emails from Linkology employees and in-person, phone and email requests from Linkology personnel.

> Initial response must convey all Linkology required information – every time.

      - Assist clients as needed and route call to appropriate person.

- Create Service Orders including coding, scheduling, monitoring and updating service orders.

- Prioritize  Service  orders  based  on  warranty,  maintenance  agreements,  degree  of outage, etc.

- Each  client  service  request  must  have  a  corresponding  service  order  created  in our service management system.

- Make any necessary changes to the Support calendar assuring that all clients are kept current with technician ETA and changes in scheduling. Also, if not already confirmed

within the past 48 hours, confirmed next day appointments with clients.

- Service Coordinator is responsible for tracking, scheduling and keeping  technicians as  billable  as possible through efficient scheduling.

- Coordinate with Client and calendar via Microsoft Outlook service orders. The technician calendar must always be up to date.

- Once the technician says a service order is complete make follow-up courtesy call to Client and confirm the work was completed to their satisfaction. Document in the SO Notes who was called, when, and if spoken to or left a voice mail.


Technician Time Sheets and Service Order Processing: 

      - Ensure  that  technicians  are  checking  in  and  out  throughout  the  day  with  Support.

Confirm technician has entered their time while onsite. Review both technician entered time details, and service order requests with tech to make sure alitems are completed.

- At the time of check out, ask tech if they had any parking, hardware purchases, or used any truck stock during the time of visit and then record the costs/items in the service order.

- Confirm with tech that they have updated and saved the database to our network by asking them and checking to see if a new file has been saved on the google drive.

- Verify that technicians are completing remote service orders and completing their time logs for the remotes.

      - If not already confirmed, call each technician at 3pm and review the next days schedulwith them.

- Review technician time logs daily Email each tech requesting any missing time or details.

      - Prepare and print time log reports and forward to payroll for processing.



             Must have a home internet connection

                 - Must have reliable transportation